thank you, chicago

12 Mar 2016|6 Comments

well, that changes things. or maybe ‘clarifies’ would be a better choice of word. because if anyone was confused about what donald trump’s reality-show-as-politics, WWF candidacy means for the u.s body politic, last night should [...]

Hot off the presses: The Even Ground digs us!

13 Aug 2015|0 Comments

we got our first-ever review from an actual music outlet, full of complete strangers, experiencing our songs for the first time. check it out... On Dialectic’s album Acres and Continents Ying-sun Ho sings, "Everything is [...]

What are people saying about Acres and Continents?

13 Jun 2015|0 Comments

A sampling of what people are saying about Acres and Continents on social media: “YO! THIS IS GOOD SHIT!!!!!! Congrats and thank you!!!!!” —award-winning music journalist and cultural historian Jeff Chang “‘À Montréal’ & ‘Weekend [...]

Why I make music

11 Jun 2015|0 Comments

one of the main things we did for fun when i was a teenager was going to see live music. usually it was small, local bands that we could see for cheap—$5, $7, $10. occasionally [...]

Acres and Continents is here!

8 Jun 2015|0 Comments

It's here! Our new full-length record, Acres and Continents, is out and you can download it now. Acres and Continents by Dialectic We are juiced—and not just about the release. This is the first album [...]

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