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thank you, chicago

well, that changes things.

or maybe ‘clarifies’ would be a better choice of word. because if anyone was confused about what donald trump’s reality-show-as-politics, WWF candidacy means for the u.s body politic, last night should have put that confusion to bed.

trump is, at the very least, a proto-fascist. i say this as someone who always pushes for precision in language and is loath to use the f-word simply for dramatic effect. but look at trump’s naked appeals to racial hatred and […]

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Hot off the presses: The Even Ground digs us!

we got our first-ever review from an actual music outlet, full of complete strangers, experiencing our songs for the first time.

check it out…

On Dialectic’s album Acres and Continents Ying-sun Ho sings, “Everything is shiny and new” on the uplifting yet poignant “Meditation on San Francisco no. 17.” This may be because Dialectic is moving around so much. Four of the songs on Acres and Continents contain the names of places with even more geographic references in the lyrics. It is […]

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What are people saying about Acres and Continents?

A sampling of what people are saying about Acres and Continents on social media:

“YO! THIS IS GOOD SHIT!!!!!! Congrats and thank you!!!!!”
—award-winning music journalist and cultural historian Jeff Chang

“‘À Montréal’ & ‘Weekend in the district’…a thousand fire emojis dude. 🔥🔥🔥”
—Jimi Impossible

“great production work and compositions man…I’m proud to be on this project!!”
—Liam Furey

“Oh lord, get thee to ’s new album, Acres and Continents, immediately. Fantastic writing and a modern sensibility with lots of late ’80s/early ’90s influences (think California-fied early […]

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Why I make music

one of the main things we did for fun when i was a teenager was going to see live music. usually it was small, local bands that we could see for cheap—$5, $7, $10. occasionally a higher-profile band would come to town and we’d shell out $20 to see them.

these shows are what made me want to make music. at the best of them, a human kind of magic happened. it was a physical sort of emotion that was vulnerable […]

Acres and Continents is here!

It’s here! Our new full-length record, Acres and Continents, is out and you can download it now.
Acres and Continents by Dialectic
We are juiced—and not just about the release. This is the first album we’ve offered on a name-your-price basis. That’s right—listen to the music and pay whatever you think is fair, even if that is nothing. It’s up to you. Whatever you decide, you’ll get a high-quality (lossless) download. And any payment goes directly to the people who make the music, […]

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New album Acres and Continents coming June 8

We know we’ve been teasing this for a while, but the wait is finally over. The new, much-anticipated Dialectic record, Acres and Continents, is coming out. And not like ‘coming out someday’. Coming out in about three weeks, on June 8.

We’re SO JUICED to share this music with you. We put a lot of ourselves in it. It’s taken a long time to get this record right, but we think it was worth the wait. We hope you do, too.

If you’re […]

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JUNE 14: Acres and Continents release party!

That’s right, Dialectic’s new album, Acres and Continents, comes out next month is out now, and we want you to celebrate with us. The release party will be on Sunday, June 14. We can’t wait for you to hear these songs and (hopefully) welcome them into your lives and hearts.

Dialectic (and special guests Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony)

Acres and Continents release party

Sunday, June 14 @ 3pm

1744 Fell Street, San Francisco

We are ridiculously proud of this album and are psyched to […]

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Fuck You Truck, I Win

fuck you truck, i win

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The Upper East Side Is a Briar Patch

that wheel was spinning
like the witches knew that it would
and everything your parents tried to do to protect you
none of it did you any good

you felt the spin of the wheel
you fell hard to the floor
and nothing and no one
could make you move anymore

come on, come on—open your eyes
come on, come on—see through this disguise
that lies upon this land that the world forgot
it’s not sleep if you never wake up
it’s not sleep if you never wake up

the world grew up […]

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Clytemnestra, Married to the War

your pigeon came yesterday
with word of your return
my eyes began to water
my throat began to burn

come home, come home
your wife is waiting
come home, come home

you touched her tender cheek
that was not the touch of love
your hands stayed clean
your boots were slick with blood

come home, come home
your wife is waiting
come home, come home

you chose the wind
over your own flesh and bone
surrounded by a hundred thousand men
she died alone
and you will too
wait till you see what i have planned for you

it’s been […]

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