Why I make music

one of the main things we did for fun when i was a teenager was going to see live music. usually it was small, local bands that we could see for cheap—$5, $7, $10. occasionally a higher-profile band would come to town and we’d shell out $20 to see them.

these shows are what made me want to make music. at the best of them, a human kind of magic happened. it was a physical sort of emotion that was vulnerable […]

JUNE 14: Acres and Continents release party!

That’s right, Dialectic’s new album, Acres and Continents, comes out next month is out now, and we want you to celebrate with us. The release party will be on Sunday, June 14. We can’t wait for you to hear these songs and (hopefully) welcome them into your lives and hearts.

Dialectic (and special guests Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony)

Acres and Continents release party

Sunday, June 14 @ 3pm

1744 Fell Street, San Francisco

We are ridiculously proud of this album and are psyched to […]

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