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APPLES TO APPLES II: five varieties

welcome to week two of APPLES TO APPLES. we have a whopping FIVE new varieties of apple this week, all from the good people at  devoto gardens. on the whole, i was not totally crazy about the new varieties this week. let’s start with the two clear-cut winners, the pink blush and the hubbardston nonesuch.

Pink Pearl

the most striking thing about the pink pearl is also the least important: these little guys are bright pink on the inside. with a distinctive rosy […]

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APPLES TO APPLES I: gravensteins

well, here we are: apple season (one of my favorite seasons). in case you missed it, ian’s post on the tyranny of the red delicious has inspired me to try to do a series reviewing the many varieties of apple that i will undoubtedly be sampling this year.

i get almost all of my apples from devoto gardens, and they surprised me this week by having the first gravensteins of the season. i took them home, and am now enjoying putting […]

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Obama finally speaks on Trayvon

well, it took a little while, but president obama finally offered more than a brief, bloodless, perfunctory statement on trayvon martin’s murder and george zimmerman’s acquittal. if you haven’t seen it, you can watch or read it here: http://wapo.st/15zqdqe.

i did both, and after sitting with it for a few hours, i had some thoughts to share. first i posted them on facebook, then i thought i’d post them here, too.

a) i think it’s great that obama was finally willing to say […]

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Amil gets his first guitar

This past Saturday, I gave my nephew Amil his first guitar. He’s three years old and doesn’t have much of an idea what to do with it, but he’s got time to figure that out. The important thing is that he’s getting started.

So everyone welcome the newest honorary member of the band. (Two if you count Zoe.)

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COMICS: BKV’s Saga [not very spoilery]

just finished saga, volume two. it’s kind of stupid how good this is. also kind of stupid how long i’ll have to wait for volume three.

the basic idea of saga is romeo and juliet meets star wars. except the star wars part is waaaaaaay better than star wars.

in saga, we follow the story of alana and marko, two young lovers from opposite sides of a longstanding interstellar war. both sides are hunting them, and their newborn baby. oh yeah, and the […]

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TV: Dexter season premiere [spoilers]

dunh dunh duuuuuuuuunh.

okay. i’m interested.

last season was the first i’d watched dexter for a couple of years. i think maybe one year i didn’t finish, and then never picked it back up…i don’t even remember. and i don’t know why i picked it back up. maybe sepinwall said it was good again? anyway, i did pick it back up, and i’m glad i did.

i liked last season. i liked that it wasn’t just the same thing as usual: there’s a […]

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TV: Done with ‘Top of the Lake’ [more spoilers]

well. that was…uncomfortable. and excellent.

i just finished jane campion’s top of the lake. now i want to see the piano, which i’ve never seen.

oh, by the way, turns out johnno’s decent. and it doesn’t feel like a cop out. maybe because he and robin go through their fair share of ugly, creepy shit. that scene between them after matt makes his confession. yikes.

also, weird that this happened to come on the heels of my binge watching all four seasons of arrested […]

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TV: Halfway through ‘Top of the Lake’ [spoilers]

alright, i’m about halfway through top of the lake.

(aside: i know the new site isn’t live yet, obvy, but i have to populate it with something, so you’re getting midnight ramblings about television.)

i’m halfway through, and it’s midnight, and i’m not done yet.

first things first. elisabeth moss is shiny as protagonist robin griffin, a police detective who returns to her hometown to spend time with her ailing mother and unexpectedly catches the case of a pregnant 12-year-old girl gone missing. moss […]

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Heavy Honey

oh, honey
why you so heavy on me?

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Lost to You

you stole my name
on the streets where i was raised
now every day is the same
my tongue is black and my eyes are grey

you gave me my new name
then took it back the very next day
i lost my stake and i lost my claim
and soon i lost my way

i’m lost in you
no lights, no borders, no way out
i’m lost to you
you loved me at first, but you’re alright now

you couldn’t believe how easy it came
you said you would never forget
i thought […]

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