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MOVIES: Ender’s Game (spoilers)


let’s start at the beginning. i have a close, personal connection to ENDER’S GAME. i’ve read the entire ender series a few times, and the original novel a few times more than that. along with Y: THE LAST MAN, it may be the book i’ve forced the most people to read. i’m always afraid this will come off more arrogant than it feels, but i feel a kinship with the brilliant, beautiful, damaged protagonist. when my friend van jones read […]

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APPLES TO APPLES IX: fuji, golden, wickson

as promised, this installment of APPLES TO APPLES includes our first apple from a farm other than devoto gardens. it also has two new devoto apples. all in all, a light week, but one with old favorites and new surprises.

the fuji is a very popular, or at least available, apple. it is very sweet, perhaps even overly sweet, with a nice crisp texture and lots of juice. the fuji’s shortcomings are two-fold: one, as i said, it can be overly […]

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BOOKS: The Dispossessed


how did it take me this long to read this book?

this is what science fiction should be: richly imaginative, narratively tight and self-propelling, character-driven, linguistically and structurally particular to the themes of the story, inquisitive, with something to say about the world we live in. THE DISPOSSESSED is a tour de force for ursula k. le guin. (small wonder it won both the hugo and locus awards in 1975.)

i am caught in a tough spot here. i want to say […]

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APPLES TO APPLES VIII: so much apples

i know, i know. this has taken forever. sorry. i promise the net one will not be so long in coming.

this time we have EIGHT varieties of apple to go over. i hope you’re hungry. as usual. all eight come from devoto gardens, though the next installment will feature apples from another farm. till then though, you’ll have to make do with the spitzenberger, best ever, rome, winesap, fameuse, sierra beauty, davisson, and swaar.

they say the spitzenberger was thomas jefferson’s […]

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APPLES TO APPLES VII: new york edition

this has been another travel week for me, so i’m a bit late getting to this week’s APPLES TO APPLES. sorry about that!

i am currently waiting for my flight home to board, early and with plenty of time to eat and think about apples. besides, we only have two new varieties to deal with this week: northern spy and the mystery apple.

will we solve the mystery? read on to find out!

(HINT: no, we won’t.)

Northern Spy
this is the larger of the […]

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APPLES TO APPLES VI: three varieties

this is a light week here at APPLES TO APPLES, with only three new apples from devoto gardens. we’ve got hawaiians, ozark golds, and jonagolds for you—but if i were you, i’d just keep buying (and eating) mutsus as long as they’re around.

now, if you know anything about me and my family, you know i have a soft spot for hawai’i and most things hawaiian. my dad grew up in honolulu, and we still have a lot of ohana out there. we […]

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APPLES TO APPLES V: double edition

the last couple of weeks have been a little crazy with a show, a plane ride, etc., so this fifth installment of APPLES TO APPLES features two weeks’ worth of new apple varieties from our friends at devoto. that’s eight different apples, the quality of which ran the gamut.

Cinnamon Spice
this sweet apple does indeed have a hint of spice to it. it’s a subtle flavor—not super intense, but quite tasty. the flesh is firm and dense. it’s not especially juicy, […]

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APPLES TO APPLES IV: four varieties

week four of APPLES TO APPLES finds another influx of new varieties from devoto gardens—four this week. a fun week. every apple was at least decent, in its own way. i’ll go with the order in the picture, from left to right.

Golden Supreme

the golden supreme is another in the line of sweet, crisp apples. it’s light and juicy. the flavor is sweet but not overpowering. in fact, it’s a little too light. i’d like it to pack a little more […]

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MOVIES: elysium [mild spoilers]

i was psyched to see ELYSIUM with my mom a couple of nights ago. i’ve loved the many recent film adaptations and (re)interpretations  of stories, characters, and worlds i already loved, like THE AVENGERS, STAR TREK and THE HUNGER GAMES (yes, even with its numerous flaws). but it’s also exciting to see a wholly original science fiction vision realized on the big screen—especially a dystopian take on our own world, like ELYSIUM.

the basic premise of the film is that earth has […]

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APPLES TO APPLES III: let’s try again

welcome to week three of APPLES TO APPLES. in stark contrast to last week, devoto gardens had no new varieties for me this week. in fact, some apples, like the pink pearls and the nonesuches, were gone after just one week. with no new apples, imm going to briefly revisit two of the apples from last week to see if they improved from the first week of their seasons to the second.

a week of seasoning did nothing to put the […]

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