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thank you, chicago

well, that changes things.

or maybe ‘clarifies’ would be a better choice of word. because if anyone was confused about what donald trump’s reality-show-as-politics, WWF candidacy means for the u.s body politic, last night should have put that confusion to bed.

trump is, at the very least, a proto-fascist. i say this as someone who always pushes for precision in language and is loath to use the f-word simply for dramatic effect. but look at trump’s naked appeals to racial hatred and […]

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Obama finally speaks on Trayvon

well, it took a little while, but president obama finally offered more than a brief, bloodless, perfunctory statement on trayvon martin’s murder and george zimmerman’s acquittal. if you haven’t seen it, you can watch or read it here: http://wapo.st/15zqdqe.

i did both, and after sitting with it for a few hours, i had some thoughts to share. first i posted them on facebook, then i thought i’d post them here, too.

a) i think it’s great that obama was finally willing to say […]

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