A sampling of what people are saying about Acres and Continents on social media:

“YO! THIS IS GOOD SHIT!!!!!! Congrats and thank you!!!!!”
—award-winning music journalist and cultural historian Jeff Chang

“‘À Montréal’ & ‘Weekend in the district’…a thousand fire emojis dude. 🔥🔥🔥”
—Jimi Impossible

“great production work and compositions man…I’m proud to be on this project!!”
—Liam Furey

“Oh lord, get thee to [Dialectic]’s new album, Acres and Continents, immediately. Fantastic writing and a modern sensibility with lots of late ’80s/early ’90s influences (think California-fied early R.E.M. and you won’t be far off).”
—Christopher Daley

“Damn, [Ying-sun] can sing. Really like ‘Weekend in the District’. Has a S.F. sound.”
—Michael Klonsky

“Yessss! #12 is my favorite.”
—Kristina Johnson Avery

“Wow. ‘Phantom Engineer’, ‘Hide and Seek’, and of course ‘F the Truck, I Win’. I been hearing about [Dialectic] for a minute but I had no idea [they] bring it like this.”
—Danielle Mahones

“Listening to the album on spotify. I think you guys have a great sound.”
—Tony Wagner

“I really liked ‘Meditation on San Francisco’.”
—Bonafide Rojas

“Really digging the album. ‘Weekend in the District’ is awesome. Love the guitar riff”
—Bay Uno

“The growth is tremendous. You should be very proud.”
—Mike Molina

“Love the songs! [Ying-sun’s] voice sounds great! And I so wish I could be there [Sunday] to sing along to ‘Fuck You Truck’! YOU WIN!”
—Anita Kline

“Track 12 is my jam.”
—Purvi Shah

“Listened to half of it this afternoon, great voice and love the music.”
—Timmy Lu

“Uuuhhhh it sounds so good!!!”
—Mika Lemoine

“just listened this morning! LOVELY.”
—Jessica Weber

“Just listened to a couple of songs; it’s great! Who knew [Ying-sun] had talents other than picking out produce and selecting great TV shows?”
—Rob Gitin