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I (re)WROTE A NOVEL! (sort of.)

you know how sometimes you read a book or see a movie and think, “this could be really good, but it keeps getting in its own way. it has some really cool elements, but some of it is just really dumb”? well, that was what my dear friend tsuya and i were saying in a conversation about the fantasy series The Wheel of Time. we started talking about how it could be better, and the upshot was […]

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BOOKS: The Dispossessed


how did it take me this long to read this book?

this is what science fiction should be: richly imaginative, narratively tight and self-propelling, character-driven, linguistically and structurally particular to the themes of the story, inquisitive, with something to say about the world we live in. THE DISPOSSESSED is a tour de force for ursula k. le guin. (small wonder it won both the hugo and locus awards in 1975.)

i am caught in a tough spot here. i want to say […]

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