I (re)WROTE A NOVEL! (sort of.)

you know how sometimes you read a book or see a movie and think, “this could be really good, but it keeps getting in its own way. it has some really cool elements, but some of it is just really dumb”? well, that was what my dear friend tsuya and i were saying in a conversation about the fantasy series The Wheel of Time. we started talking about how it could be better, and the upshot was that i was going to try my hand as editor to robert jordan’s behemoth of a story.

well, anyone who has worked with me knows that i can be a pretty…let’s call it ‘aggressive’…aggressive editor. the project soon went from editing to reimagining, sort of like the new Battlestar Galactica or marvel’s ULTIMATE comics. i used the original prose as a starting point, but often ended up somewhere very different. (and many thanks to tsuya for being a sounding board throughout.)

it took a while (the new dialectic record will be finished in the coming weeks is out!), but i’ve finally finished the first volume, The Eye of the World. of course, i have nothing to do with it now. so, if you want to read it, you’re welcome. the .zip file below includes .epub, .mobi, and .pdf versions of the book..

so enjoy, and please let me know what you think. (extra points for kindness.) this is all new for me—i’ve never even dabbled in fiction.

NOTE: i would be especially grateful to hear the thoughts of people who read speculative fiction or have read The Wheel of Time.