dunh dunh duuuuuuuuunh.

okay. i’m interested.

last season was the first i’d watched dexter for a couple of years. i think maybe one year i didn’t finish, and then never picked it back up…i don’t even remember. and i don’t know why i picked it back up. maybe sepinwall said it was good again? anyway, i did pick it back up, and i’m glad i did.

i liked last season. i liked that it wasn’t just the same thing as usual: there’s a serial killer, dexter has to help catch him, while also evading capture himself. i loved watching dex grapple with his transformed relationship with deb. i also loved getting a weekly dose of yvonne strahovski again. #nerdherd. i like dexter meeting isaak and seeing a glimpse of what it would mean to have a likeminded friend. and i liked dexter and deb coming up against the limits of harry’s code.

and now those stories continue. and not (so far) in some dragging-it-out kind of way. with this being the final season, the creators don’t have to leave anything in the tank. they don’t have to worry about getting the genie back in the bottle, and i think that’s going to lead to some interesting stories. we already have the beginnings of some. deb is fucked up and not particularly interested in coming back. dexter is losing the unflappable coolness his brand of madness usually provides.

and dexter is taking harrison to spontaneous kill scenes. which had to happen eventually, right? single dads can’t just get rid of the kid every time they want to go out killing, can they?

plus this brit lady whose name i don’t remember but who otherwise made a strong impression. an expert, well respected in the field and by miami metro leadership, who knows and approves of dexter’s secret?

sign me up. i’m in.

as long as i get more sarah walker.