this has been another travel week for me, so i’m a bit late getting to this week’s APPLES TO APPLES. sorry about that!

i am currently waiting for my flight home to board, early and with plenty of time to eat and think about apples. besides, we only have two new varieties to deal with this week: northern spy and the mystery apple.

will we solve the mystery? read on to find out!

(HINT: no, we won’t.)

Northern Spy

this is the larger of the two apples in this week’s batch, but bigger doesn’t always mean better. like now.

the northern spy has a good, not excellent, texture, and a mostly sweet flavor that i’m not all that crazy about. it’s juicy and pretty crisp, which is nice, but if you’re looking for a complex interplay of sweet and tart, keep on looking.

the verdict: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

Mystery Apple

the good folk at devoto gardens don’t know where the mystery apple came from, or what its identity/parentage is. after eating several of these little buggers, i am no closer to that information.

here’s what i can say. the mystery apple looks a lot like the northern spy, but tastes a lot like…well, something better than a northern spy. it’s tart and juicy and intense. it’s dense and it’s crisp. definitely a good apple.


Overall Impression

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. in fact, it will probably be a running theme the next few weeks. my overall take on this week’s apples? BUY MUTSUS AND EAT THEM NOW.

it’s like janis sang, man. you gotta get it while you can.