well, here we are: apple season (one of my favorite seasons). in case you missed it, ian’s post on the tyranny of the red delicious has inspired me to try to do a series reviewing the many varieties of apple that i will undoubtedly be sampling this year.

i get almost all of my apples from devoto gardens, and they surprised me this week by having the first gravensteins of the season. i took them home, and am now enjoying putting them in my face. (i was sad to read that gravensteins are in danger.)

i’d call these mostly tart with a touch of sweet. the texture is crisp, but light. not super dense. lots of flavor, plenty of juice. it is somewhat similar to a granny smith, but it’s not as dense and its flavor is not as strong.

the verdict: PUT THESE IN YOUR FACE.


okay, i just invented something. gravensteins, freshly shelled english peas, bacon, onion, ginger, sherry, and chili peppers. oh, and salt, of course.

i think this might be amazing. sweet from the peas, savory from the bacon, tart from the apples, spicy from the chilis. this is kinda killer.

apples, peas & bacon!

A new dish.